Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lepin 02036 City Truck Building Set Review

Hello and welcome back to Its Not Lego, a blog about Lego alternative building brick sets.  Today, I will be reviewing the Lepin 02036 City Truck.  It is a near exact replica of the Lego City Truck set 3221, with the exception of the Lepin logo on the truck instead of Lego.  Pictured above is the cover page from the instruction booklet.

And here's the back of the instruction booklet which I'm sure is a copy of Lego's booklet (again except for the Lepin logos).

I ordered my set off Aliexpress using a new account.  Recall that my old account got suspended for raising too many disputes.  If you missed that blog post, you can find it here.  Anyways, I'm not going to raise as many disputes as I used to, because I want to stay under the Aliexpress radar.

This is the sticker sheet that comes with the Lepin City Truck set.  Do you notice that the licence plate has the Lepin set number on it?   Normally I don't put the stickers on the building sets, but this one will be an exception.

You only get two minifigures with the Lepin City Truck set.  The guy with the dark blue shirt must be the driver.  The guy with the red cap and overalls is responsible for loading all the boxes.  They both look to be near Lego quality, right down to the hair piece.  Lepin has really upped their game recently when it comes to mini figure reproduction.

Ok, let's start building!  Here I've started on the truck chassis.

Chassis completed!  Pretty straight forward build, no advanced techniques on this one.

Building the sleeper cab.  There's two exhaust pipes on the rear of the cab.  Inside there is one seat and a bed.  You get the standard red mug also.   Good news ... no scratches on the windshield.

You can't see it here, but there is also a printed TV screen on the inside of the cab.

Roof, doors and mirrors attached to the sleeper cab.

The sleeper cab of the City Truck clips onto the chassis snugly.

Here's another view before I add the wheels.

The Lepin city truck has the replica Lego wheels which I like.  It rolls great!

Now it's time to work on the semi-trailer (that's what we call it in North America, what do you call it  in your country?).

The side doors and walls of the trailer are in.

Another pic of the almost completed trailer.

The back doors have been added to the trailer now.

Now we work on the undercarriage of the trailer.  Not exactly a fifth wheel configuration, but it works.  Also added the support struts.

Tail lights added and wheel assembly too.

Time to flip it over.

Testing the struts.  Its Not Lego gives it a passing grade.

Ta-da!  We've now hitched up the trailer to the cab.   The Lepin City truck is complete.  Well almost, now we need to add the stickers.

Here's the final Lepin City Truck with stickers added to the truck and the boxes.

Looks awesome!

More views!

It's so long it has a hard time negotiating the curve in the road.

Here's a look from behind.

Well, that's my review, hope you liked the pictures!

Brand: Lepin
Model:  02036 City Truck
Knockoff:  Yes,  Lego City Truck 3221
Number of pieces:  298 pieces
Number of minifigs: 2
Price paid on Aliexpress:  approx 14 USD, shipping free.

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  1. I love the audacity of bootlegging an iconic LEGO set and replacing the logo with their own!

    Just found this site, it's a great resource. Thanks for keeping it updated regularly.

    I'm totally using the term "bootlegos" from now on lol