Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sluban M38-B0519 Girl Scooter and Fountain Building Set Review

Happy September!   Are you gearing up to go back to school?  Well, hope you have time to check out this little building set from Sluban.  It's another set of of their own design and not a fake Lego set.  In this review we will look at this 79 piece set M38-B0519.  I'm not sure what the name of the set is so I will just call it the Girl on a Scooter goes around the Fountain set.

The ebay listing which i won calls the set Fountain Motorcycle Kitten Girls, lol.  Sounds like one of those 70's biker chick movies!!

 Being such a small set, it only takes this two sided piece of paper to show you the building instructions.  There are two components, the largest being the multi-level fountain and the purple scooter.  The scooter parts are still on the plastic tree so you have to be careful when extracting them.  I use a small X-acto knife to cut it away cleanly.

The set also comes with a girl mini-figure and her pet cat.  As I've described in other Sluban set reviews, the minifigures are not compatible with Lego ones.

Here's a look  at the fountain.  It has three levels and two spigots presumably where the water runs out.  It has lots of translucent blue elements to simulate water.

Here's a look at the Sluban minifigure and her cat which is perched on the rear of her scooter.

The purple scooter comes with a steerable front wheel, a kickstand and a headlight.  The only thing Sluban could have added was a rear tail light.  I also have acquired this scooter in tan and red colours.
I think there is a yellow version of it that I might get one day.

As far as play value, I suppose you could just make the girl and scooter go around and around the fountain.  I think it will be more useful as a display piece, maybe to put into a park setting for my growing Its-Not-Lego town.

 Ok, I quickly made this little parkette using a tree, a bush and a few flowers.   Here's the fountain in the park setting just to see how it looks.

Here's my entire collection of Sluban scooters!  Here's a complete list of the Sluban sets in my collection.

And here's the girl and her cat sitting on the fountain and just having a great day.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Hello! At first, I am still grateful to stumbled upon your blog some days before for being myself curious of what Lego's "competitors" can bring up - to me it started with Kre-O as Hasbro did the big sellout in Germany 2015 my eyes came to catch a huge devastator for a nice price :-) Besides, my daughter started to prefer Lego and I am not convinced about the idea to limit oneself to a pseudo-monopolist.

    Back to topic, I like the sets from sluban. In April there was the harvester (M38-B0558) for around €2,43 (sic!) as plus product on german Amazon branch which was a nice opportunity to have a closer look on their sets and it met our satisfaction despite the fact that it's rather a bulldozer with applied shovel - well, none of the kids that played with didn't really care.

    Clutching is okay, but seems to get loose with time, exactly the same goes with Kre-O/Oxford parts. To what I know Sluban started with Oxford knock-offs - a coincidence?

    With the second set -the little princess- we were introduced to the quality fluctuations: The features of the face printing were distortet. We are awaiting an answer or spare head for nearly five months. Have you made experience with their customer service?

    1. Hello Alexander, thank you for visiting. Thanks for your information/experience about your Sluban sets. I think there is some possibility of quality deficiency given the low price of the sets.

    2. Hello Xinh,
      I would rather rate it as process of learning. Lego is at least 40 years in production experience ahead. And it's not that they invented the blocks. History tells they were lucky that the original inventor just made the patent for the UK (which Lego just acquired in the early eighties to drive Tyco out of market). And yes, they prolly "bootlego" as well: As far as I can recall the LED-bricks are an Idea by Hasbro (first seen in Kre-O Star Trek sets). Of course I can be wrong.

      Back to topic, you may want to try out Sluban buildings for your bootleg-town. We did not buy any yet, but it seems like they come bundled with illustrated scenery plates (printed flora and infrastructure). And maybe it's worth to seek out in different places than Aliexpress. Here you can buy these "girl's dreams" stores and buildings regulary at Amazon for a little more than on Aliexpress, but with original box and local shipping. These ground plates bundled in orders directly from China may increase shipping costs massively and may be delivered damaged due to a missing box.

      Last but not least a big thank you again, after your review we're looking forward to add the Hsanhe corner coffee to our little world :-)