Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hsanhe 6409-2 Apple Store Modular Building Set Review

Today, I will review another small Modular Building from the Hsanhe Mini Street series.  There are six building sets in the series, and this one is the Apple Store 6409-2 which has 184 pieces.

The Apple store building is probably the most plain building out of the six buildings in Hsanhe's series.   The building front consists of two floor to ceiling windows flanking a door with a plain black facade.  The remainder of the building is composed of light gray bricks.   Extra features on the front include a small tree, with flowerbed and a fire hydrant.

This set comes with two minifigures, a male mini figure in a suit and a female mini figure.  I'm pretty sure that the female mini figure is the store employee, because I've never seen an Apple employee in a business suit in their stores.

Since the front of the building is so non-descript, I'll focus on the back of the building instead.  Like the other Hsanhe buildings, this one is six studs wide.  On either side of the interior are transparent shelves where boxes of Apple products can be purchased.

Above the door, there are 4 grills that I assume is the ventilation system.  I attached my own light brick to the ceiling, since this set came with no ceiling light fixtures.

Here are the mini figures inside the store to give you an idea of the relative size of the building.  The store comes with two point of sale counters.  It's hard to see what they look like inside the store.

This is probably a better view of the store interior with the two computer stations.

The store also comes with external signage and a sticker sheet for the Apple logos, which I declined to affix to the building.  You can also see how the computer terminals look like.

Well there you have this quick review of the Hsanhe Apple store.  I chose not to apply the stickers because I plan to add more bricks to this building and make it a full modular building as I did with the modified Hsanhe KFC building.   I'm thinking this might be a very easy building to integrate into the side of a Lepin modular, but I haven't decided which one yet.  

Since this building is very plain, I would not recommend buying this set as your first Hsanhe modular.  Instead, the Corner Coffee (aka Starbucks) model or the Fast Food (aka McDonalds) models are more interesting visually so I would get one of those ones first.  If however, you already have some other modular buildings, this one is easy to integrate into other buildings, because the facade is very simple.

Brand: Hsanhe
Series: Mini Street
Model: 6409-2 Apple Store
Number of pieces: 184
Price paid: about $7 CDN, free shipping.

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  1. Great review. I choose the 7/11 and Starbucks over this one. I plan on doing your conversion and place them between some lepins.