Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lepin 15010 Parisian Restaurant Modular Review - Part Two

This blog post continues the review of the Lepin 15010 Parisian Restaurant modular build.  In our last post we had finished the main floor and so far we have not encountered any issues with missing or deformed pieces.  The only notable difference between the Lepin Parisian restaurant and the Lego version so far is the chain around the front patio.  On the Lego version I think it's made of black plastic.  On the Lepin version we get a gold linked chain and I think it's actually made of some kind of metal.

Second Floor Balcony: Steps 1 thru 11

The second floor balcony only has eleven steps so it was a relatively quick process to complete.

The upper balcony is enclosed by railings and there is seating for four at two tables.  There are two hanging baskets with flowers in them.  I'm not sure why the designers decided to go with hinged light poles as the Lepin version does not clutch very well and they always feel like they're about to fall over.  I will probably replace them with something sturdier later.

 Here's a different view of the upstairs balcony.

Second Floor Steps 1 thru 10

For the second floor, the outside walls are starting to take shape and is now connected to the balcony.  Second floor progress as seen from the front.

Second floor as seen from the back.   I think the awning over the back kitchen door is redundant given that there is a second floor overhang.

It must be chilly out because Aquaman is sitting in front of the fire with a hot beverage.   That recliner looks pretty comfy.  It's kind of sparsely furnished at this stage with only an additional side table and stool.

I like how the balcony serving table fits nicely into the fireplace wall.

Steps: 11 through 20

 The apartment on the second floor is taking shape nicely.  There's now a small kitchenette with an oven and cabinet storage.  The murphy bed is one of the favourite parts of this set.  I like how you can fold it away to get more space. I will probably incorporate this design idea into future MOC buildings.

This is a look at the murphy bed in the upright position.

The fireplace looks even better now that it's finished.

 One last look at the second floor interior.

The chimney stack masonary details.

Time to bring in the doors on the second floor before someone falls out.

Steps 21 thru 35

 We finally complete the restaurant's second floor.   The doors and windows have been installed and I especially liked building the front windows and surround.

This is the first modular that has showcased the drainage system.  Nice touch.

 Lots of details at the back of the Parisian restaurant.  So as I mentioned in my previous post, I replaced the kitchen and dining room windows with shutters.  I moved the recycle/garbage bin to the other side and created bike parking behind the dining room.

 Here's a side view of the steps leading up to the second floor balcony.

Another overhead shot of the completed second floor.

My next blog post will show the detailed build of the third and final floor of the Lepin Parisian restaurant.  Bye for now.

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