Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bootleg Brick Deals on Aliexpress

From time to time, I get asked how much i paid for a bootleg Lego set or where I got it from.  Well, I can say that most of purchases are from either Aliexpress or Ebay.  But these days, bootleg brick sets are getting harder to find on Ebay, so I check Aliexpress more often for the latest sets.

Once in awhile, as I'm looking at the newest listings, I can't believe some of the incredibly low prices that are displayed for some sets.   Sometimes I think the seller may do it deliberately to reel in potential buyers to their store, so they offer a really low price for a limited time and then jack up the price after a few sales or days.  Other times, new sellers don't realize that they've completely mis-priced their offerings, maybe due to foreign exchange rates and whatnot.

In any case, these deals are too good to pass up, but sadly I can't buy everything I see.  I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there also looking for a great deal on bootleg brick sets.  Which is why I decided to publish a new blog called  Whenever I come across a really good building block set or minifigure deal, I will post a screenshot of the item and put a link to it.   Hopefully, some of you can take advantage of the deals I find.

Please be reminded that I'm not affiliated in any way to Aliexpress or the sellers stores.  I cannot vouch for the item quality or how long the deals will remain in effect, so please do use your own dilligence and research before making any purchases.

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