Monday, October 31, 2016

Bela Star Wars Building Set List

Last month, I listed all of the Lepin Star Wars bootleg Lego sets that have come out in 2016.  In this post, I will list all of the Bela brand Star Wars sets.   Just like Lepin, they cannot use the Star Wars name on their packaging, so Bela calls their bootleg building set series Space Wars and Space Fights.
If memory recalls correctly, it was actually Bela that started bootlegging the Lego Star Wars sets before Lepin.

Set  DescriptionPieces   Lego Set  
10359ARC 170 Starfighter - micro9275072
10360Vulture Droid - micro7775073
10361Snowspeeder - micro9775074
10362AT-AT - micro8875075
10363Republic Gunship - micro10575076
10364Homing Spider Droid - micro10275077
10365Imperial Troop Transport14175078
10366Shadow Troopers9575079
10367Senate Commando Troopers10675088
10368Geonosis Troopers  10575089
10369   Erza's Speeder Bike25275090
10370Hailfire Droid  16375085
10372T-16 Skyhopper24675081
10373TIE Advanced Prototype35475082
10374Battle Droid Troop Carrier56575086
10375Anakin's Custom Starfighter 369 75087
10376 AT-DP49975083
10377Wookie Gunship56975084
10378 - 10383Assorted Minifigures

10384 - 10389Assorted Minifigures

10463Flash Speeder31175091
10464Death Star Duel72375093
10465First Order TIE Fighter   54875101
10466Poe's X-wing Fighter74275102
10467Millenium Falcon135575105

Pictures below.
Bela 10359 ARC Starfighter - Microfighter
Bela 10360 Vulture Droid - Microfighter
Bela 10361 Snowspeeder - Microfighter
Bela 10362 AT-AT - Microfighter
Bela 10363 Republic Gunship - Microfighter
Bela 10364 Spider Homing Droid - Microfighter

Bela 10365 Imperial Troop Transport

Bela 10366 Shadow Troopers
Bela 10367 Senate Commando Troopers
Bela 10368 Geonosis Troopers

Bela 10369 Erza's Speeder Bike
Bela 10370 Hailfire Droid
Bela 10371 AAT
Bela 10372 T-16 Skyhopper
Bela 10373 TIE Advanced Prototype

Bela 10374 Battle Droid Troop Carrier
Bela 10375 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter
Bela 10376 AT-DP

Bela 10377 Wookie Gunship

Bela 10378 - 10383 Minifigures
Bela 10384 - 10389 Minifigures

Bela 10463 Flash Speeder

Bela 10464 Death Star Duel

Bela 10465 First Order TIE Fighter

Bela 10466 Poe's X-Wing

Bela 10467 Millenium Falcon

Between Bela and Lepin, I think they have bootlegged all of the Lego 2016 Star Wars sets.

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