Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hsanhe 6410-2 Seven Convenience Store Modular Building Review

No modular town is complete unless you have a Seven convenience store.  Notice that Hsanhe  called it Seven, and not Seven-Eleven and that the logo is just a bit different.  This is one of the six small modular buildings in the Mini Street series.  There are 208 pieces in this set.

The Seven convenience store comes with a large sheet of instructions that is double sided.  You also get a small sticker sheet for the building logos.  This little modular is very easy to build and the clutch is excellent.  It will integrate well with your existing Lego or alternate Lego brick sets.

This building comes with two mini-figures, just like the rest of the other Hsanhe sets.  You always get one male and one female minifigure.  In this set we have a male employee and a female customer.

This set comes with a green recycle bin and a small light stand in the front of the store.  I found the light too small and chose not to include it here.  In the manufacturer's picture at the top, you can see the little light.  Instead I chose to put a trash can in it's place .

Here's the interior of the Seven shop.  You enter through the center door which has an air conditioner above it.  Hanging from the ceiling are two pendant lights. There is a counter with some product and a small cash register.  Behind the counter is another shelf with stuff.

There are even more items for sale on the other side of the shop. The shelves are jam packed with stuff.  Looks like they have fully restocked the merchandise.

There's so much stuff, that there's hardly any room to move.  Behind the counter there's even stuff on the floor.

So the owner of the Seven store just hired a new employee, and on his first day at work, he's getting robbed!

I think it is a very dangerous job to be a convenience store clerk, especially at night.  This robber is actually pointing a gun at the poor store employee.   Just give him the cash and hope he goes away.

I added a security camera (doesn't come with this set) for situations like this.  Sadly, the robber is a masked bandit (head courtesy of Batman Bane minifig), so I don't think any arrest will be made.  Just hope the poor store employee did not get harmed.

Finally, just some pictures of the Hsanhe convenience store next to some other modular buildings. I have some 16x32 baseplates coming in the mail. I plan on expanding and making the Seven store a full modular building like the KFE building next door.   I will also put a second storey on it in the near future.

Brand: Hsanhe
Series: Mini Street
Model: 6410-2 Seven Convenience store
Number of pieces: 208 plus two minifigures
Price paid: about $7 CDN, free shipping, Aliexpress.


  1. Great review. I'm also glad to get a peak at the rest of your collection. I hope you do a post just about your collection.

    1. Also did you see lepin is now making sets the people made themselves and submitted to lego? The starbucks/book store and dinosaur museum.

    2. Thanks, great idea Joe. I'll post pictures of my collection over at my other blog ...

  2. Great. I can't wait. I also hope to get a closer look at your KFC half cars in the garage. Such a great idea.
    I'm working on the Bank. The detective office and movie theatre have arrived.

  3. try to check out other brand call sembo mini street. their quality is better than hsanhe. they have coke, pepsi, sushi, candy shop, kfc, mcd, starbucks, pharmacy, pizza hut and so on.